Starts 25th of July
8:00 am, Sydney time

If making a TED talk is on your bucket list, take action to begin moving towards your goal. Starting today, you can begin the process to position yourself amongst the world’s leading innovators and thought leaders.


Who knows what opportunities may come

after a TED talk?

Starts 25th of July

8:00 am, Sydney time

If making a TED talk is on your bucket list, take action to begin moving towards your goal. Starting today, you can begin the process to position yourself amongst the world’s leading innovators and thought leaders.


Who knows what opportunities may come

after a TED talk?

Online Masterclass Series

TED READY: The 9 steps to speaking on the

world's biggest stage

Would you like to become a TED Speaker?

The best of the best apply to speak at TED, yet, so few are accepted. In fact according to TED themselves, they accept less than 1% of applicants.


Let me explain why: TED is a global brand built on bringing the best ideas to a worldwide audience. They are successful because they have developed the TED approach, it is well researched and market-tested. To maintain their position in the marketplace, they have prescribed a set of criteria speakers must meet.

The problem is most speakers don't know what TED is looking for!

Unlike toastmasters or normal keynotes the TED style is unique and aspiring TED speakers need to prepare themselves with the right information to make the grade. Not only do you need to understand the dynamics of creating an 18 minute presentation, but you also have to be able to fit into their topics framework, and then know how to promote yourself after the event.

“Many of my clients have TED on their bucket list. They come to me with great ideas, they’re knowledgeable capable and keen, however they are unsure how to proceed.”

- Julian Noel

Most speakers, no matter their level of experience, also suffer from 3 primary roadblocks


Speaking at TED can be a daunting proposition. Doubt is a natural response. Will I be good enough? Can I really speak at this level?


Presenters often compare their ideas to some of the greatest TED talks and worry if they will measure up.


What is the practical process I need to follow in order to show myself in the best light.

The TED Ready Masterclass Series Steps You Through Each Of These Concerns, Preparing You to Create A World-Class Presentation and Become TED Ready 


The Masterclass Series will lead you step by step through the TED Ready process and lay the foundation so you can create a powerful and authentic presentation. As part of the series you will hear interviews with TED presenters, coaches and event organisers, giving you access to inside information most people do not get to hear!

Having this information at your fingertips will greatly increase your potential for TED success.


The 9 steps will have you TED Ready, and take your speaking to a whole new level.

"Speaking at TED exposes you & your message to a new level of business opportunities. When you step onto that stage you want to know you have left no stone unturned to bring your best to the world.” - Julian Noel

Who Is Julian Noel

I’ve been speaking and coaching speakers since 1981.


I have suffered every mistake a speaker could ever make! It took me thousands of hours of training, rehearsal, practise and thousands of dollars on coaching to learn how to stand with ease in front of an audience and deliver an authentic and powerful presentation.


I have since created, curated, produced and hosted more than 200 live and online events.


TED is the global leader in live event delivery. They have influenced my approach, and I have been able to create and perfect a simple pathway for people with a strong desire to present on the TED stage.


I have seen and worked alongside the best of the best.


Now, you can have all of this knowledge and expertise, and access to the TED  community.


TED Ready Masterclass Series 

 The 9 Steps to Speaking on the World’s Biggest Stage

    From Why, to Hell, YEAH!

    How will your information change people’s lives? This is a deep dive session into the power behind your words.


    Creating a world class presentation.

    We explore and unearth what you really want to say, that will lay the foundation for a world class presentation.


    From good to great.

    We find what makes you outstanding and uncover your authentic voice.


    From a great idea to being TED Ready.

    Learn how to align your presentation with the TED structures, criteria and frameworks.


    From hope to ready.

    Discover your X-factor for your talk creating a coherent, compelling world for the audience to enter.


    Discovering the magic.

    Discover how to distil your content i.e. slides, stories, structure, outcomes, and stage movement. You will be ready to start practising your TED talk.


    From the page to the stage.

    Bring your presentation to life. Learn simple ways to rehearse. It is time to shift your focus from the content to your connection with the audience.


    Congratulate yourself.

    Take in the moment. Learn how to prepare. What to do with your nerves. How to deliver the presentation of a lifetime. Celebrate.


    From local to global.

    Discover the channels to use to raise your global visibility. Develop a promotional plan to take yourself onto the global stage.

The 7-Week Masterclass Series Consists Of:

  • A weekly 90-minute group coaching session​

  • Teaming up with an accountability buddy

  • Video interviews with members of the TED community.

  • Coaching material, including handouts, recommended reading and video.

  • A maximum of 10 participants.

TED Ready, Set, Go!

Is speaking at TED on your bucket list?

but your not sure how or if you can do it?

Join speaker coach Julian Noel and his
7 week Masterclass Series that takes you step by step to becoming TED Ready.

“You ROCK! You invite people to bring their greatness forward. Gifted. SO what this planet needs right now!”


Entrepreneur, Author,

'The Abundance Code'

“ I have now launched myself as a Speaker. I have made more progress in our three months working together, than I did over the past 3 years.” 


Entrepreneur and Speaker

“Connections are made, friendships are formed, blocks are shifted, purposes are realised, visions are formulated, action is taken, transformations happen and inspiration flows!”


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TED Ready Masterclass


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Q. If I am not happy with the course do you offer a money back guarantee?

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"He is a powerful coach."






Editor, Living Now Magazine

"Accessing one’s own intuitive wisdom, inner intelligence and guidance is a very powerful thing indeed. Julian creates an environment and encourages you, with skill and the deepest care, to move to a new level of awareness and ability. I trust him implicitly - he is both guided and gifted."


Creative and Founding Director
Actor's Centre Australia Sydney

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Who knows what opportunities will appear.