4 Golden Door Meditations

Connecting you to your

land of abundance, today.

Are you feeling called to step up to a new level of performance in your life, and attract more abundance?

Many of us are being called to live a life of deeper purpose and prosperity but are not clear of what it is that is calling us or how to get there.

Listen to these 4 FREE meditations daily to access clarity and accelerate abundance into 4 areas of your life:


Aligning with your deeper purpose and creating certainty.


What is calling you and where do you need to put your focus?


Connect and create deeper relationships with like minded people.


Begin to attract abundance in the form of money.


 Hello, from Julian and Jason!
We're the creators of the Thrive Game. Our passion is to help people transitioning to a life of purpose and prosperity.

Julian Noel

Is the Founder of Shine, a global community of entrepreneurs and changemakers creating a difference in the world through business. He is an intuitive, a provocateur, and a gifted facilitator. He designs, curates and hosts learning experiences which bring together people from all around the world.

His deep passion and interest lies in purpose and performance. He works with people who aim to achieve big results.

Jason Snaddon

Jason’s personal growth journey started in 2005 when he learnt that our focus creates our reality and the power of intention especially when it is created from a state of presence. He became really aware of how much he had been focusing on what he did not want, and how that was limiting results, so he got clear on what he truly wanted, from his own truth. It was then that he also learnt about intuition and harnessing the spiritual laws of attraction, through presence and the power of mindset and focus. Taking what he had learned he created financial freedom by the  age of 45.

What has unfolded is a uniquely powerful ability to coach, channel sound, and activate the abundance that is inherently within all of us.

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This is a key element to Thriving. As we say learn the rules master the game. Guided meditation is game changer.

Simply fill in the form below to receive your

Thrive Game

Golden Door Meditations

in your email within minutes!

Julian Noel & Jason Snaddon
Creators of Thrive Game: Purpose + Abundance = Thrive 

“It's all there for you. You just have to know how to get it.”

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